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The 100 - 2.02 - Inclement Weather - Best Scene Poll

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Week in TV - Oct. 19-25 - Episode Awards and Reviews

Hello fellow TV fans. Welcome back to Last Week in TV. Not sure how your TV week went but mine was disappointing. The 100 was a highlight, but not as much for me as for some others since it dragged a little in the middle and I hate Murphy. Constantine was a disaster. Grimm was good but added an unnecessary case of the week that interrupted the story flow. Then the only new comedy I was still watching, Manhattan Love Story, got cancelled. No surprise, but still. On the plus side though, The Goldbergs cracked me up and touched my heart like usual, Forever had an interesting case of the week, How to Get Away with Murder stepped up the pace, and the acting on Resurrection was phenomenal. So how did your TV week go?

I cheated a little on the nominated show this week because the episode nominated is in season 2 and I am still in season 1. Therefore, I am reviewing three season 1 episodes together and will do a separate review for the nominated episode when I get to that point in the series. If you would like to nominate an episode for me to review, please fill in the short 2 item form below. Coming up next week will be Arrow. Not looking forward to it because I heard there was a lot of shipping in it and I firmly believe that ruined the formerly awesome Felicity's character. I also dropped more shows this week due to time constraints and lack of interest: Marry Me, Black-ish, and Cristela. If you watch these, let me know if they get better so I can marathon them over the hiatus.

As always, don't forget to comment on how your TV week went. Add your own TV report card if you would like. We love to discuss TV here.

Nominated Show:

Vikings - 1.04 - 1.06

Vikings is dessert TV for me. When I get done with my work, I get to watch this show. The premise is loosely based on Norse legends of military leader Ragnar Lothbrok's rise in Viking society in the late 700's. He has a vision of conquest the current Earl does not share and it begins a conflict between them that isn't resolved until 2/3 through season 1. What I love most about Vikings though is that unlike many other epic cable shows (cough Game of Thrones cough Black Sails), the violence and sex feel like a natural part of the story and not gratuitous at all. They help create the atmosphere of the show and do not detract from the overall story. There's nothing blatant about this show, which means you can soak in the atmosphere and the characters. It helps that there's a steady supply of action to keep the show going and the characters are compelling and feel real. Ragnar and Rollo have a classic sibling rivalry that is on the brink of revolt. Both are well-acted and well-rounded. Still the most brilliant character is Lagertha. She was a shield maiden before marrying Ragnar and can take care of herself. Right in the opener, she defends herself and her children from marauders. Even more refreshing is that she is valued for her skills in a way women very rarely are in historical pieces. As an action drama based in history, this show is both entertaining and compelling. Its timeline may be completely messed up and yeah sure, the Vikings used armor like anyone else, but unless you're nitpicky it shouldn't get in your way of enjoying this overall fantastic story.

Ranking: 5
Audience - Anyone who likes historical dramas with plenty of action and engrossing characters
Best Reason to Watch - all the action. It's bloody, but not Spartacus level, and definitely well-choreographed

7.04 - A- (all kinds of action and forward plot movement make this one a winner)
The "I Guess All's Fair in Love and War" Award - Ragnar waits until Sunday to attack while people are praying
Best Save - Lagertha fights Knut for trying to rape a woman and then kills him when he tries to rape her / Rollo refuses to testify against his brother
Best Political Machinations - Earl Haraldson for trying to turn Rollo against Ragnar

7.05 - C (This is a placeholder episode to get us to the next one. Little action and a lot of exposition.)
Best Scene - the priest learns about Norse mythology
Most Efficient - Ragnar, who is a smart strategist as well as a warrior
Most in Need of Dying - Earl Haraldson
Most Likely to Get You Killed - Rollo and Siggy have a relationship

7.06 - B+ (what with all the dying, plotting, and time jumps, we're a good few months along in one episode)
The "It's Like Game of Thrones Around Here" Award- the wedding may be over but everyone's getting killed
Most Authoritative - Siggy, who commands everyone to recognize Ragnar as Earl
Best Move - killing off Earl Haraldson, who was draining the whole story
Best Reaction - Athelstan when he learns a slave girl agreed to died with the earl

Best Quotes -
1. Ragnar: "Take care today and don't take any foolish risks and don't get separated from the others." Lagertha: "I was just going to say the same to you, my love."
2. Haraldson: "Do the gods speak?" Seer: "Do they ever stop?"
3. Ragnar: "There's no need for you to swear. You've already paid a heavy price for your loyalty to me." Rollo: "Nevertheless, I will swear, brother. I swear to be true to you, your wife, and your family…as long as your good fortune holds. How will we ever be equal now, my brother?"
4. Athelstan: "Why have you agreed to grant Earl Haraldson such a big funeral? Was he not your enemy?" Ragnar: "He was also a great man and a warrior. He earned his renown in this life and now in death, he deserves such a funeral."

New Show:

Constantine - 1.01 - Pilot

You know your show is in trouble when the pilot spends 92% of the time building up a character who leaves by the end of the episode. Yes, I know it was too expensive to reshoot the pilot when the lead character didn't test well. Still doesn't mean I liked sitting through it. Nor a compilation of every single sci fi/fantasy show I've ever seen. Regardless of what came first, if I have already seen it it's old news to me. Since the writing was sloppy, the pacing erratic, and the main character a douche, there's really not much here for me. I'll give it another couple of episodes but then I'm out.

Grade: D
Ranking - 2
Audience - those who like comic heroes or all genre shows mixed into one

Prediction - It goes the way of Dracula but only after a drinking game is created to get through it

Best Reason to Watch - you can find aspects of all your favorite genre shows mixed in here, plus a lot of The Sixth Sense dead people
Biggest Douche - Constantine, who thinks it is funny to terrorize Liv
Best Potential Character - Ritchie
The "A Little Warning Please" Award - If you are going to pan in on any kind of bug, you need to let me know in advance. Common courtesy.
Best Visual - Manny stopping time
Worst Plan Ever - Constantine keeps looking for his dead mum so he can conjure her. Nothing about this plan is good. Nothing.
First Sign of Trouble - lights flicker. Time to grab salt, holy water, and maybe a Winchester or two.
Best Integration of Product Placement - Liv's rear view camera on her car picks up something but she sees nothing and thus starts the demon attack
The "Welcome Back" Award - Harold Perrineau, aka Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet and Michael in LOST. Hope you don't get eaten by zombie babies in this one.
The "Not Them Again" Award - Angels. Why does it always have to be angels? Supernatural ruined them for good. Add in an apocalypse and it's like every genre show I have ever seen rolled into one.
The "Say What?" Award - Liv does not hear the person who finds the body or all the police wandering outside her door.
Best Meta - Helmet of Fate, I guess. All I know is everyone started raving about it as soon as it came on.
Best Quotes -
1. Constantine: "You know it's a fine line between watching over and stalking."
2. Constantine: "There's an extra $100 in it for you if you keep this by your side. If it glows, you call me immediately." Guard: "It's not screwed in to anything." Constantine: "Neither am I, mate."
4. Liv: "Where do you come from, John?" Constantine: "The sordid passions of my parents."
5. Constantine: "That says Master, does it? Well I should really change that to Petty Dabbler. I hate to put on airs."

Weekly Shows:

Resurrection - 2.04 - Old Scars

This episode did exactly what I needed it to do. It re-hooked me into the plot. The dinner party was intense and had a lot of great acting, even though emoangst is not my thing. Still I got chills whenever the camera panned in on either Lucille or Margaret. Glad to be a spectator instead of a guest for sure. What really hooked me though was the flashback at the end. Margaret torching one of the returned as a child was terrifying. Knowing that she is now one of the returned herself and the maniacal look in her eyes at the end mean things are about to get intense around here. I believe she really will try to kill Jacob and herself after taking out everyone else. I can't wait for that scene. Margaret remains the best new character to a returning show and she alone provides motive to keep watching.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Margaret knows how to kill the returned for good
Most Intense - Lucille tells Barbara that she is responsible for Jacob's death because of her affair
The Worst Plan Ever Award - When composing guests for a dinner party, you don't invite both of the battling exes and expect things to turn out well. What were they all thinking?
The "If Looks Could Kill" Award - A couple episodes ago it was Lucille giving a newly resurrected Margaret the look. This time Margaret is visually killing Barbara. Nice to know Lucille wasn't her least favorite daughter-in-law.
Most Cold - Lucille offers wine to Fred, knowing he can't have any, and then gleefully cracks open another bottle. / Margaret asks Barbara about her lover at dinner and skips her in the toast. This family is so much more dysfunctional than they seemed at first.
Biggest, Best Martyr - Janine, who allows Rachael to stay with them
Biggest Awww Scene - Lucille breaks down in front of Margaret on the anniversary of Jacob's death
The "Um, Okay" Award - What the heck is a Pop Tard? That's just bizarre.
The "Warning Please" Award - close ups on big bugs ALWAYS need to come with a warning label
Least Interesting Subplot - Rachael's pregnancy. Unless it ends up being a superpowered alien baby like on V, I officially don't care at all.
Best Quotes -
1. Lucille: "I know we didn't always see eye to eye." Margaret: "I'm your mother-in-law. Those are the rules of the universe."
2. Jacob: "Come on. I'll show you all the things that changed. The refrigerator looks like it's from the future."
3. Margaret: "It is my purpose, my mission, to bring this family back together. To overcome this dark time. We're Langstons. We must always protect our own, no matter what."
4. Jacob: "Why did Aunt Barbara leave without saying goodbye?" Margaret: "Manners were never her strong suit."

Sleepy Hollow - 2.05 - The Weeping Lady

I love Sleepy Hollow but they have got to stop pandering to shippers. It was cute the first time, but now it takes me completely out of the show as I roll my eyes and throw socks. I don't need to hear one more person mistake Abbie and Ichabod's partnership as a romance. I certainly don't need them to throw in a rift between Ichabod and Abbie so the fandom can continue to grouse about Katrina's very existence. Just stop! I did love Katrina fighting off the Weeping Lady by herself and not needing Ichabod to save her though. It was great seeing her be able to utilize her powers, but even more so, I love that they gave a canonical reason for why she can't just magic herself out. Hopefully people will stop complaining about that now too. Even better was the chance for Abbie and Katrina to work together to stop the spirit. I would love for Katrina to be united with the team and spend more time with both Abbie and Jenny. She is in danger of becoming the Laurel from Arrow, and this character has too much to potential to let that happen.

Best Reason to Watch / Biggest Regret - I debated a lot about this one but in the end, my favorite thing was Caroline. Yes, she was killed off in the first third and we barely knew her, but I can't help thinking how much fun she would have been if she were recurring. Ichabod needs more friends.
Best Scene - Katrina saves herself and then she and Abbie work together to stop the Weeping Lady
Most Fun Catchphrase - Crane on the brain
Best Awww Moment - Ichabod bows to Caroline after apologizing to her
The "Oh How Quaint" Award - Ichabod's version of lover's lane is not quite the same as in modern times
The "Are You Nuts?" Award - Why does Abbie go to the Weeping Willow and try to arrest her like a person?
Best Reaction - Ichabod to getting a message via bird / library patrons to Abbie's gun going off
Best Answered - Moloch has specific plans for Katrina so that's why he's kept her for so long
Best Quotes -
1. Abbie: "Hawley, this isn't about your personal code of commerce. It's a matter of life and death." Hawley: "Well, when isn't it with you two?"
2. Ichabod: "A missive composed by thumb cannot adequately convey emotions." Abbie: "Hence emoticons." Ichabod: "Oh yes, a grimacing lemon caricature. That should do the trick. "

Scorpion - 1.05 - Plutonium is Forever

Scorpion continues to be my favorite new show of the season, yet Walter continues to get worse. He really needs to stop being such a douche and actually listen to other people instead of always thinking that he is the only one who can be right. It is getting irritating and I hope they tone him down quickly. Other than that, the rest of the team keeps getting better. I was worried when Gallo was isolated from the team that we would spend another episode with him on the sidelines. I'm glad they didn't do that. I do wish that they had included him in the ending scene though. After losing his child, he needs the bonding time of family as much as the others.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch / Best Character - Happy
Biggest Laugh - dot matrix printer
Best Moment - "Made you look."
Biggest Surprise - Paige figures out the code instead of Toby. It would seem like a behavioral specialist would have that in the bag.
The "Could You Please Tell This to All Other Characters?" Award - Paige tells Walter that keeping secrets always backfires. I yell this at my TV on a daily basis. Perhaps Paige should consult on all my shows.
Best Nostalgia - War Games
Best Quotes -
1. Mark: "Yes please, Mr. Government. Go ahead and tell me again how bad spying is."
2. Gallo: "Hey listen kid, if this doesn't work out I'm glad I got to know you." Walter: "Okay." Sylvester: "A man gives you what could be his last goodbye and you say okay?" Toby: "You could use some time on the couch."
3. Toby: "Happy, pick one. $20 bucks says I can guess it in under 5 seconds." Happy: "Is this your way of asking for a loan?"

TBBT - 8.06 - The Expedition Approximation

Grade: C

Best Character Interaction - Sheldon and Raj
Worst Character Interaction - Bernadette and Howard. I almost always like these two better with other people. They are both less obnoxious that way.
Best Scene - Raj talks about Voyager
Biggest Aww Moment - Penny gives Leonard a picture of the car with Best Fiancé Ever on the frame
Best Pop Culture Reference - Raj tries to explain Hannah Montana to Sheldon
Biggest Small Moment - Sheldon apologizes.
Best Quotes -
1. Penny: "You had a panic attack when we went through the car wash." Sheldon: "Perhaps the emotion you're referring to is shock at you having something cleaned."
2. Sheldon: "Are they making fun of us?" Raj: "Yep." Sheldon: "I miss the old days when I couldn't tell."
3. Sheldon: "My major focus at the moment is keeping my claustrophobia at bay." Raj: "How's that going?" Sheldon: "Well you tell me. I feel like I can't breathe and I am tempted to crack you open and suck the air right out of your lungs."

Jane the Virgin - 1.02 - Chapter Two

I liked this show better in the rewatch, although not near as much as I liked the pilot. I am not used to over the top shows and I'm not a big fan of soapy twists, both of which this show purposely plays with. Therefore I have to go into Jane the Virgin with a totally different mindset. This episode had some good (the romantic gestures on both Michael and Petra's parts) and some bad (Jane's father drives me insane and the reveal that Rose married Luisa's father - seriously?). I still like Jane but her mother is becoming my favorite character. I love how protective she is of Jane, but how she's not afraid to put herself on the line. I hope she gets a happy ending, because it looks like very few people here are going to. Yes, Jane will end up with Rafael. No, that doesn't excite me at all.

Grade: C+

Biggest Twist - Luisa's ex-lover is also her stepmother
Best Character - Xiomara, who saves Jane's party and lays it on the line to Jane's father
The "Welcome Back" Award - Priscilla Barnes, formerly Terri on Three's Company. Talk about a blast from the past.
The "Little Too Late" Award - Luisa triple checking that she has the right patient makes me laugh
Most in Need of Shutting Up - Rafael, who keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper
Most Egotistical - Rogelio
Most Over the Top - Magda, Petra's mother
The "Say What?" Award - They use an obvious green screen for the shoot but use a real leopard? That makes no sense at all.
The "Get Over Yourself" Award - Michael, who needs to stop being the focus and start focusing on Jane
Worst Message Ever - Petra tells Zaz that it's over so he chokeholds her and she says that's how she wanted him to react. Great message there, CW. Reinforce stalking, not taking no for an answer, and rape stereotypes.
Best Acting - Petra
Best Romantic Gesture - Michael, who brings his own apology music
Best Quotes -
1. Xiomara: "What are you doing here? Didn't you get my text?" Rogelio: "Oh no, no, I didn't. I have too many phones. If it's important, the best way to reach me is through Twitter."
2. Jane: "Stop. I can't go to that It's Not Fair place." Xiomara: "We won't go there then." Jane: "Yeah." Xiomara: "We can go to the It Sucks place, right?" Jane: "Yeah I think that's where I am right now."

SHIELD - 2.05 - A Hen in the Wolf House

As soon as I knew this episode was Skye-centered, I knew I wouldn't like it. She's my least favorite character and the whole Super Special Chosen One thing drives me insane. Now she's an alien too - great. Other than that, I love that Simmons is back in the fold and hopefully the transition to working with Fitz again won't be as awkward as the ending here. I like when they can finish each other's sentences and know where the other is heading without conversation about it. Bobbi Morse is a delightful addition as well. We can always use another kick butt female on TV and I like the actress. Here's hoping that Hunter and she do not devolve into a squabbling ex-couple though. Both characters are far too awesome to be saddled with such a blasé relationship.

Grade: C

Best Reason to Watch - new kids and Simmons is back
Worst Part of Being Top Dog - Your choices can actually be life or death and you have to live with the consequences. I would chose Simmons over Skye, but that's not a situation anyone wants to be in.
Worst Reception Ever - If your guests die from the champagne toast, chances are no one will want to go to your parties ever again.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Adrienne Palicki of Supernatural and Friday Night Lights fame
The "Time to Get a New Job" Award - When your co-worker gleefully talks about killing billions of people, you need to resign or at least transfer
Least Interesting Subplot - Skye the alien
Most Intimidating New Character - Bobbi Morse, whom I would love to see fight with May
Best Quotes -
1. Hunter: "Tiny violins playing. No one's listening, sweetheart."
2. Raina: "You must believe me, Agent Coulson. We want the same thing." Coulson: "Unless it's an end to this conversation, I'm pretty sure we don't."
3. Coulson: "What do you want?" Raina: "From you, nothing but I will need to take Skye with me." Coulson: "Excuse me? What in the hell's this really about and why also in the hell do you think I would ever let that happen?"

Forever - 1.06 - The Frustrating Thing about Psychopaths

I am not a fan of the stalker subplot, but good thing the case of the week was sufficiently strong to outweigh it. You can't go wrong with a good serial killer story. After all Criminal Minds has been milking it for 10 seasons now. Even better is a serial killer that copycats the most famous ones. Of course it helps if you know why that person is doing it and in this case we get no clue. I think it would have been richer had there been more development of the killer and less on making him the twist. Probably the least logical thing though was having Henry take on the serial killer after he was stabbed in the lungs. I don't by that for a minute. I do like the introduction of the Frenchman though. She seems like a fun character and I would love to know the back story between Abe and her. Given his background, it has to be big if she creeps him out.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the serial killer plot was interesting
Best Scene - Henry worries about Adam knowing about Abe
The "Must be Halloween" Award - the killer is a serial killer aficionado
Biggest Violetta - Apparently Henry has been practicing his opera because no way should someone whose lungs are rapidly filling with blood be able to move like that much less take on a murderer. Love how he kept landing on the knife in his back as well and it didn't affect him.
Best Library Plug - Henry can only find the information he needs at the local library. Love when libraries get a shout out.
First Mistake - Not taking the offer for a cab. It might have saved your life, Big Tipper.
Least Exciting Subplot - Henry's stalker is back
Biggest Self-Congratulations - Henry not only was the medical examiner for the last Jack the Ripper case, but according to his own words, he founded the whole field.
The "Say What?" Award - If you are going to kill someone who knows your identity, shouldn't you frisk them for a phone before you leave? Lucky for the murderer, Henry doesn't have one.
Best Quotes -
1. Jo: "Okay, anybody look like a murderous psychopath who would cut out somebody's heart?" Henry: "That's hard to tell. Evil like that usually lurks on the inside." Jo: "That's true but I like the suspect who runs."
2. Lucas: "Uh, I hate to sound all Silence of the Lambs here, but she's got something in her mouth."
3. Henry: "Look I appreciate it, but nothing puts off my appetite quite like being murdered."
4. Abe: "I take it you haven't shared this theory with the police." Henry: "Uh no, I've had my fair share of padded white rooms, thank you very much."

The Flash - 1.03 - Things You Can't Outrun

Grade:  B

Best Reason to Watch - Joe and Barry, still
Biggest Aww Moment - Barry comes up with a reason to keep Caitlin from having to go to the particle accelerator again / Barry goes with Caitlin into the accelerator
Biggest Twist - Wells could see the future before the particle accelerator explosion and already knew Barry would be the Flash
Least Exciting Fight Ever - Barry just keeps running until Mist Man gets tired and gives up
Biggest Huh? - Shouldn't the cop car back door be locked and shouldn't the truck the bad guy is in still be moving unless it hit something? Logic is not your strong suit, The Flash.  By the way, keeping Iris in the dark doesn't make her safer. It only makes her unprepared if the bad guys figure out Barry's secret.
The "Say What?" Award - You're all in this mess because of the particle accelerator and now you want to turn it on again? Um, how about no.
Best Speech - Joe's to Barry about the guilt of mistakes and not being able to save everyone
The "Welcome Back" Award - Robbie Amell, formerly of The Tomorrow People, is guesting as Caitlin's fiancé. Let's hope he's not as annoying here.
Coolest Visual - the champagne affected by the particle accelerator
Biggest Douche - almost everyone Barry works with except Joe
Best Easter Egg - Big Belly Burger. For once, I got a reference.
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "It doesn't matter that you didn't believe in me because you always believed in my son."
2. Eddie: "Well I should let you two talk and I'll just be outside…looking into the witness protection program."
3. Barry: "I'm going full nerd again, aren't I?'

Manhattan Love Story - 1.04 - It's Complicated

Updated - Manhattan Love Story is now cancelled and there goes the last of the new comedies for me.

3 seconds into random oysters and everyone on the planet knew this evening was not going to end well. Hard to have sex with food poisoning. I spent the whole time just hoping he wouldn't throw up on her. No such luck. Still a couple who has their own vomiting song must be meant to be, right?  Of course having your family rotating through your apartment is a definite buzz kill too. David and Amy were not. In fact, they were the best part. Despite some old baby hijinks, I am starting to like these two more each episode. I like that David was actually competent at something this time too. They need to show that side of him more often.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - David trying to convince Amy to have kids by pretending he doesn't like them
Weirdest Moment - David sniffing the baby
Best Scene - Dana and Peter get the window open
Best Quote -
1. David: "I want children. Like a lot of children. I want this place to look like a damn orphanage, and when your womb gives out we're going to fly around the world. We're going to collect them like stamps."
2. Dana: "His mom's SBC. Single by Choice. Not by her choice. By the choice of all the men on this planet."

The Goldbergs - 2.04 - Shall We Play a Game?

Beverly can be over the top. No question about it, and I understand how none of her kids would ever want to be seen in public with her. However, what I like about this episode is that it reminds Erica, and therefore the audience, of just how much Beverly does for them. I like that in the end Beverly stops trying to be cool and Erica carves out time in her busy schedule to be with her. Mostly though I like how this relationship has evolved from Erica sneaking around and lying with Beverly snooping and generally being a pain.  Now it is two people trying to work it out, even if they both need a nudge in the right direction. I also loved the Barry and Adam scenes in this one. Very smart of Adam to trick them into studying. It actually reminded me of the Growing Pains episode where Mike Seaver writes all the answers to the test on himself, but he spent so much time writing down the info that he remembered it for the test and did not have to cheat. But I digress in fabulous 80's nostalgia. In the end, The Goldbergs continues to make me laugh and awww.

Grade: B+

Best Scene - Barry decides to destroy a toaster with Adam instead of his crew
Best Reason to Watch - Erica takes care of a drunk Beverly
Best Tutor - Adam, who makes learning a game
Best Nostalgia - Oregon Trail and Apple 2E / War Games / Tiger Beat
Scariest Sight - Beverly in her Madonna getup
Biggest Eye Opener - the JTP are complete morons
Best Moment - Pops lifts up the phone and gets the modem sound of dialup / Beverly spits out her drink
Worst Liar - Erica and friends, who could not possibly be this bad at lying
The "Umm, Aren't You Forgetting Something?" Award - In their battle to ditch each other first, I don't think Erica or Beverly paid for their meal.
Worst Driver - Barry, who blows right past the stop signs
Best Music - DeBarge
Best Quotes -
1. Erica: "Why are you dressed like a giant doily?"
2. Beverly: "For Murray, a tie so we can be with you all day long at work." Murray: "I think you're missing the point of work."
3. Erica: "Good morning, sunshine. Feel as good as you look." Beverly: "I am so sorry about last night. I hope I didn't do anything too embarrassing." Erica: "Well you cried and said, 'I love you' a lot so no different from normal."

Supernatural - - 10.03 - Soul Survivor

It's hard to make a scenario have a lot of gravitas if you already know the outcome. Let's face it. Dean was going to be cured. Sam was not going to die. When the entire story revolves around wondering if they should cure Dean and if Dean would succeed in killing Sam, there's no real high stakes. What there is though is great acting. I can't be the only one who winced when Demon Dean said those harsh things to Sam. It was like Asylum all over again. I adore Savior Sam here and how he wouldn't give up on getting Dean back. I especially love the pie in Dean's room, which I have to think Sam ate in there because that thing would have been molded if it was left from Dean's last sojourn. It was almost as much of a present as the amulet was last time. Not sure that curing Dean so quickly was though. I agree with Demon Dean that the mopey, emoangsting Winchesters are never much fun. Here's hoping they remember how to laugh this season.  Note - I skipped any angel part that didn't include Crowley or the Winchesters, and I only half listened to those.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - the brothers
Biggest Disappointment - Demon Dean died too early
Best Nod to the Past - Not the family pictures, although they are close, but the pie in Dean's room
Biggest Twist - Sam got someone to sell his soul to get in touch with a crossroads demon
Biggest Ouch - Demon Dean tells Sam that if he weren't alive, Mary would be
Worst Sign - Your demon-possessed brother is on the loose and ticked off. Yikes!
Best Question - Crowley: "Why can't you people just sit on clouds and play harps like you're supposed to?"
The "Why Oh Why?" Award - Why on earth did Crowley save Cas? This makes no sense. I want Evil, Snarky Crowley back.
The "Sounds Like a Plan" Award - Sam: "So I'm just gonna go grab my brother some cholesterol and then I'm gonna get drunk."
Best Quotes -
1. Crowley: "It's hell. You wait. That's what you do."
2. Sam: "No, no you don't. You don't get to quit. We don't get to quit in this family. This family is all we have ever had."
3. Dean: "Come on, Sammy. You want to hang out with your big brother. Spend a little quality time."

The 100 - 2.01 - The 48

I liked this premiere. I really did. I just didn't love it like so many others did. I think it was the slower pacing because both times I watched it, I found myself getting distracted in the middle. They had so much to set up for this season that it was missing the action I crave throughout most of the episode. I did love the opening with Clarke kicking butt and taking names. The fact that Clarke is not a damsel in distress is one of the show's greatest appeals. She takes decisive action for better or worse and accepts the consequences as they come. I also really like how they have separated everyone. One of my biggest issues last season, besides the shipping, is that Finn and Bellamy had little interaction between them unless Clarke was present. I like how they were on their own for the first part. I majorly disagree with connecting them to Kane and the Ark survivors though. That should have been around episode three so that we could have seen Bellamy and Finn work things out even with their opposite viewpoints. I think that would be more compelling than the obvious conflict between Kane and Bellamy. Kane is really overreaching here and hopefully it will come back to haunt him, but not in a teen rebellion way which all of these characters are too good for. More in that he doesn't consult the teens and ends up in a mess and therefore recognizes their expertise and value before we're too far into the season. Dragging out the conflict will be less interesting for me, undermine Kane's leadership skills, and run the risk of devolving the teen characters.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - separating into several groups
Most Kick Butt / Most in Need of Better People Skills - Clarke
Biggest Huh? - Jaha hears a baby crying on the Ark
Most Fun - Monty won't let Jasper try his chocolate cake
Best Teamwork - Bellamy and Finn have a silent conversation before breaking into camp
The "You Catch More Flies…" Award - Clarke needs to slow down and observe before jumping into action. There's a real "know thy enemy" opportunity here. The first time made sense. The second, not so much.
Biggest Mistake - Murphy's back again / The Ark meets up with Bellamy and Finn already
Biggest Hero - Lincoln
The "So That's Where They Are?" Award - Apparently Lincoln is from the Washington DC area. Yeah, I should have known this earlier, but I forgot.
Best Plan - Clarke shuns the fancy clothes but breaks off a heel for a weapon
The "Too Little, Too Late" Award - Murphy's sad sob story does NOTHING for me. He needs to die.
Best Music - Home II by Dotan
Best Quotes -
1. Maya: "No chocolate in space, huh?" Jasper: "Space sucked."
2. Dante: "These men will show you to your room." Clarke: "And if I try to leave?" Dante: "Please don't test me, Clarke."
3. Jasper: "Clark, when you pulled that lever you saved lives. Don't throw that away by pulling this one."

Stalker - 1.04 - Phobia

Okay that's it. No more posting about things I am afraid of online. Too many crazies out there, including the serial stalker in this episode who makes victims live their biggest fears. If you hate snakes, this is one episode you would be better off skipping. The subject matter does do a great job of heightening the tension though, since everyone can immediately think of one fear they would hate to be tormented with. I spent the whole time hoping mine wouldn't come up. On a more serial side though, Super Stalker Perry was back, which is never a good thing. However his storyline is revealing things about Beth that we would not get otherwise so I give them credit for being innovative about exposition. I still just want him gone though. Sadly, Ben is approaching his irksome level and needs to be revamped as well.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Beth, who is really growing on me as a character
The "Oh Joy, He's Back" Award - Beth's stalker is back. He needs to go away or get locked up.
Best Reason to be Paranoid - Stalker who uses your worst fears against you
Biggest Twist on the Serial Killer Wall of Death - Perry's graphic novel version of stalking
Biggest Mistake (besides posting fears online) - sleeping with your co-worker who has stalker tendencies
The "Oh Grow Up" Award - I get you are unhappy that Jack got the job you wanted, but seriously Ben, stop your freaking baby whining.

How to Get Away with Murder - 1.05 - We're Not Friends

This might be my favorite episode since the pilot. First off, I felt sympathetic towards the client of the week. It might be because I am a teacher. It might be because I wanted to finally be able to root for someone in this show. Either way, at last I wanted this team to win. I also like how we stepped forward big time in pulling both sides of the show together. Not only does Keating know her husband cheated, but Rebecca, Wes, and Bonnie know it too. Rebecca is pretty smart to not trust them, but she really doesn't have much choice. If she leaves, she's on the run for the rest of her life. I'm fairly certain that Keating is going to convince her stay in the next episode, but that is a huge conflict of interest. All I can say is that I am vastly more invested in this murder than the one in Gracepoint and given the circumstances (kid murder vs. adulterer) that should not be the case.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - big steps forward in the serial part of the story
Best Scene - Rebecca tells Wes that the picture on Lyla's phone was taken at the Keating house and he confronts Annalise
Best Character - Rebecca / Laurel
The "I Totally Agree" Award - Laurel is happy to have a client she can actually stand for once. I second that.
The "That's What Got Everyone into This Mess" Award - Laurel, stop screwing Frank . Everyone's sex life has done nothing but get them into trouble.
Best Quotes -
1. Laurel: "Judge me if you want. Just do it while we are carrying the damn body."
2. Rebecca: "What kind of a person lies his way into jail for his potentially murderous neighbor?"

Gracepoint - 1.04

Grade: C-

Best Reason to Watch - even more creepy people to suspect
Biggest Need - pick up the pace because you can hear crickets chirping in this town
Creepiest Suspect - chicken killing lady
Best Non-Suspect - Boyfriend Dean is now off the suspect list.
Worst Plan - Inviting Detective Grumpy Pants to dinner. You know he's going to start grilling the kid.
Best Quotes -
1. Carver: "Teaching him the 8th commandment while you're buying cocaine."
2. Ellie: "He and my boss should get together. They can just grunt at each other. Oh tonight's going to be a lot of fun."

Grimm - 4.01 - Thanks for the Memories

Grimm is back and picking right up where we left off. Renard is in the hospital on his deathbed, the police are questioning Trubel about the beheaded Fed, and Nick still doesn't have any more Grimm powers. The only good thing is Rosalee and Monroe are indeed married. When concentrating on the overflow from last season, this premiere was great. I love how Trubel is remarkably calm about all of this and I don't even mind that Juliette's whole purpose is to keep reminding us that Nick slept with Adalind. (For right now. By the end of next episode it will be tiresome.) I think there is good story potential in Nick's lost powers and if he even wants them back again. Hopefully it won't be resolved as quickly as Zombie Nick was. Sadly though, the writers decided to throw a case of the week in as well. I get that it will spill over into at least next week's episode but there doesn't seem to be a purpose in cramming it in here. It could have waited until then and given us more time with the main story. Heck, we could have even gotten more background on what the Royals are up to or where Mama Grimm went.

Grade: B

Biggest Mystery - Who is the blonde watching Renard in the hospital?
The "Time to Move" Award - Now that Nick's house has been a crime scene about 15 times, they really need to move. There's a lot of bad mojo around there.
Best Change - the title card looks even cooler now
The "Poor Baby" Award - Juliette, not because of the Nick and Adalind mess but because she was standing in those shoes the entire day.
Newest Research Girl - Trubel. Juliette better watch out or she will be out of another job.
Best Reaction - Rosalee after Nick says it wasn't Adalind he slept with. She's about to go fulltime avenging best friend on him. / Wu on hearing Trubel decapitated the Fed.
Best Pun - Hank: "There's only one way to find out. Let's give him some Trubel."
The "I've Said It Before" Award - TELL WU RIGHT NOW!!! TELL WU RIGHT NOW!!! TELL WU RIGHT NOW!!!
Most Pointless - Why even bring Octohead Wesen in this episode? He could have waited until next week.
Worst Cliffhanger - Renard between life and death
The "Say What?" Award - How does any Wesen in the great Portland area NOT know Nick is the Grimm by now? Do they not talk to each other? I would think that would be the first piece of info to hit the Wesen grapevine.
Best Friends - Monroe and Rosalee, who drop their honeymoon plans to support them
Worst Plot Device - Hank is interrupted from telling Wu the truth by the doctor coming out of surgery
The "You Need to Call NCIS" Award - No one called the defense contractor about their employee being attacked. You obviously don't watch NCIS, Portland police. The first thing they would assume is that there were bigger nefarious goings on.
Best Quotes -
1. Nick: "Look man, I don't want you screwing up your life because of me." Monroe: "Dude, I wouldn't even have a life to screw up if it wasn't for you, okay?"
2. Juliette: "Are you going to be okay?" Nick: "I don't know. It's weird you know, not being weird anymore. Just being a regular cop." Juliette: "You were really good at it before." Nick: "I guess we'll see if I still am."
3. Juliette: "She slept with Nick." Rosalee: "Oh my God." Monroe: "What?" Nick: "It's not what you think?" Monroe: "Well that's good to hear because what I'm thinking is pretty damn awful."

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Last Week in TV - Oct. 12 - Episode Awards and Reviews

Hello, fellow TV fans. How was your viewing week? Mine was rushed so I felt a bit crankier than usual at the end. With the exception of Jane the Virgin, I wasn't feeling the pilots this week and I also dropped Selfie. I think the comedy choices last year were better than this crop, but I also like family comedies far more than romantic ones, which seems to be the theme right now. Here's hoping for some midseason winners. This week's nominated show was Chicago Fire and next week will be Vikings. If there is a show you would like me to watch and review, please fill out the short 2 question nomination form below. Remember no weekly show needs to be nominated and anything that has been chosen already is out until the 2015-16 TV season. Don't forget to add your comments below and as always, until next time - happy viewing.

Overall Awards:

Best Character / Best Action - Melinda May - SHIELD - 2.04 - Face My Enemy

It took about 2 seconds into the May vs. May fight to realize that this might be the best action of the TV season and that May is the best character of the week, not just on SHIELD. May is taciturn on the best days, so having an episode that focuses so much on the relationship between Coulson and her was long overdue and much welcomed. I like how they share a secret and their trust in each other is absolute again. Mostly though, I like how these two balance drama, humor, and action. The scenes where Coulson is trying to get May to agree to kill him if he becomes evil while May is focused on saving him instead were well-acted and a good example of how to do intense drama without getting emoangsty. Even better are the quips while they work together. Who knew May could laugh? No wonder the rest of team was scared. Still the best humor for me, besides the dancing of course, was when Coulson gets ready to do some fancy laser avoidance but May marches right on through since they were already outed anyway. Bwah!

The biggest kudos however goes to the action in this episode. While many shows are increasingly talking about action, SHIELD actually went there this week. May vs. May was the very best. I loved the gymnastics of it, the high kicks, the kitchen/living room part. Best though was Real May telling Fake May not to talk so much. One May is fantastic. Two fighting each other is priceless. It wasn't the only exciting action though. I also loved Coulson vs. Fake May. If you take on someone's identity, you should probably do your homework so you don't make stupid mistakes and give your cover away. When he punched Fake May in the nose, I verbally cheered. Coulson can throw down. As for the others, I also liked the plane sections exploding and Fitz finally feeling like part of the team again. That whole story line is a smart plan.

Nominated Show:

Chicago Fire - 1.13 - Warm and Dead

Chicago Fire has the requisite fire action but also a lot of drama. In this case, it came from a boy whose uncle is an arsonist, ex-girlfriend problems, family prison woes, and the decision to have surgery or move to Madrid. That's a lot of drama for one 42 minute episode, especially since I didn't really know what was going on (I don't usually jump into a serialized show midstream.). The most intense and heartwarming storyline for me was the Chief's. I loved his desire to help a troubled kid out and empathized with his anger when he could not. However, it was the scene at the end when he revisits the child he raised as his son that helped the storyline come full circle for me. Overall though I am not sure this show is for me. I tend to not like office dramas where a good part of the emphasis is on the romantic entanglements. That's the reason hospital dramas usually have nothing for me. However, this episode was good enough that I am willing to give it a 3 episode shot, starting from the pilot. I'll add it to my hiatus to watch list.

Grade: B
Ranking - 3

Best Reason to Watch - there's a real family vibe to the station
Best Storyline/ Biggest Awww Moment - The Chief and Ernie. The Chief carrying a dead Ernie out of the burning building was heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking. Oh baby, I feel for you.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Apparently Sarah Shahi was in this show before playing Shaw on Person of Interest. Also Treat Williams as Severide's father.
The "Not Her Again" Award - Shiri Appleby, who will always be the Lizbot 2000 from Roswell to me, the original overly earnest love interest I wanted to be gone.
Most Kick Butt - Shay, who tasers a guy with a shotgun
Best Speech - Casey when speaking for his mom at the parole board
The "Now You Have to Keep Him" Award - when the dog licks everyone, it's pretty much a done deal
The "Umm, I'm Not Sure that's Legal" Award - I don't think the Fire Chief has the right to pursue a suspect in a car chase. I'm glad he did, but I'm pretty sure that's not what his siren is for.

Best Quotes:
Mouch: "Weren't you and Cindy using protection?" Herrmann: "We've got 4 kids, Mouch. I was counting on my sperm being too tired to make the swim."
Benny: "Disappoint anyone. Hell, disappoint everyone, but don't ever disappoint yourself."

New Shows:

Jane the Virgin - 1.01 - Pilot

Jane the Virgin was surprisingly compelling, largely due to Jane herself. She's sweet but not overly earnest, hardworking but not without a sense of fun, and determined to create a better life for herself but not too rigid. It's a delicate balance that Gina Rodriguez plays well. I also like how all the characters are intertwined, even if it stretches plausibility. I would lose the telenovela hallucinations, but that might take care of itself now that he is there in person. I am also sorry that Petra ended up sleeping around. It would have been a great switch for the strong blonde to be a positive character instead of another greedy trophy wife.

Grade: B+
Ranking - 4+
Prediction - It's on Mondays at the CW and its ratings didn't tumble into the abyss. The CW is busy figuring out how to make this series last for 10 years.

Audience - People who like quirky comedies and probably people who like telenovelas

Best Reason to Watch - the characters and twists
Biggest Uh-Oh - If you are going to artificially inseminate the wrong person, it's much better if the sperm isn't your brother's. Talk about an awkward Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Ivonne Call, whom I like much better here than as Mama Fratelli on Teen Wolf. Also Bridget Regan, who brilliantly played Rebecca on White Collar after more famously playing Kahlan in Legends of the Seeker.
Worst Plot Move - Hallucinations of the telenovela star
Sweetest Gesture - Michael makes Jane grilled cheese before proposing to her / Jane tells Michael why she doesn't love him and then proposes
Biggest Surprise - Abuela told her daughter to have an abortion
Biggest Non-Pregnancy Twist - the telenovela star is really Jane's father
Worst TV Trend - Recapitations in the freaking pilot. If we don't remember what happened 20 minutes ago, you didn't do your job in the first place.
Best Quote - Xiomara: "Where did you get your degree from? The University of Dumba**. My daughter said that she is a freaking virgin so do another damn test."

Marry Me - 1.01 - Pilot

Marry Me has a delightful cast even if I am not sure yet whether the show is for me. On the plus side, this is one of the few new comedies that I actually laughed during. Sadly, I cringed through far more. I remember watching the Challenger explode, so that's never a good joke topic for me. Not loving the Paula Dean one either. It felt like they were trying too hard so once things settle down a bit, this could become a great comedy. Mostly I thought the physical comedy was better than the verbal so I hope they go in that direction more. The best scenes however were the flashbacks, which I rarely say. I am intrigued about other main moments in these characters' lives.

Grade: C+
Ranking - 3
Prediction - Making it to through the season if not necessarily to the wedding

Audience - fans of Saturday Night Live, quirky characters, and quick dialogue

Best Reason to Watch - the cast
Best Reaction - Jake to Annie waving a knife
The "Could This Get Worse?" Award - Annie finally sees that Jake is trying to propose to her after ranting and raving about all of their family/friends only to find that said friends were listening in the bedroom.
Best Awww Moment - Jake remembers the first time they say "I Love you."
Best Quote - Jake: "I love you, more than anything. I just don't want to be in this moment for one more second." Annie: "Tough but fair."

The Affair - 1.01 - Pilot

I came for Joshua Jackson. I stayed for…well, the end of the episode and now I'm out. The idea of seeing the same story from 2 different points of view is interesting. Mostly though I was bored. Like The Leftovers bored. Unlike The Leftovers, the plotline of an affair doesn't thrill me either. The acting is superb though and like I said, the different perspectives is eye-opening. If you're okay with the subject matter, nudity, and crawling pace, this might be a show for you.

Grade: C-
Ranking - 1
Prediction - It's Showtime. It'll air all its episodes this season.

Audience - those who like The Leftovers

Best Reason to Watch - the 2 different perspectives
Best Twist - someone, presumably Alison's husband, is dead and the whole show is flashbacks in a police investigation
Most in Need of Smacking - Martin, who is a brat from first shrug and deserves to be beaten regularly. To be totally honest though, the older daughter is only a millimeter better.
Only Redeemable Kid - Trevor
The "Welcome Back" Award - Obviously to Joshua Jackson. I loved him since Dawson's Creek and grew to respect him as an actor in Fringe. Also to Mare Winningham, whom I haven't seen since she died in Under the Dome.

Weekly Shows:

Resurrection - 2.03 - Multiple

So really the residents of Arcadia are in hell? That's what I'm getting with the Deputy's constantly returning brother. At this point, I would give him over to the government but I guess if you are complicit in your parents' deaths, you can't really do that. Bellamy trying to cope with his new status as a returnee was interesting, but I am still far more intrigued by Grandma than anyone. If Maggie's right and the bones Grandma tossed into the river were actually those from people who returned in the 30's, then the scope of the story is now wide open. Is it in Arcadia only? Are those who returned connected to the past like some weird Freddy Krueger thing? Again I have all kinds of questions and yet no real answers.

Grade: B

Biggest Twist - the bodies may be from people who returned in the 30's so it might have happened before
Worst Surprise - baptism interrupted by skulls
Biggest Surprise - Deputy shoots his returned brother and then eats steak
Weirdest Thing - looking at your own body and going to your own funeral. I feel for you Bellamy.
The "Trouble Brewing in Paradise" Award - Margaret is starting to be the in-law from hell
Most Needed - answers because I feel a niggling of impatience forming
Biggest Douche - Karl's brother
Best Quote - Henry: "What game is that now?" Jacob: "Zombie ninja attack." Henry: "See if they can attack quietly. They're ninjas, right?"

Sleepy Hollow - 2.04 - Go Where I Send Thee

This was an interesting episode of Sleepy Hollow. On one hand I like the idea of bringing myths into the show's canon. The Pied Piper is a great story that is woven well into the series framework by having it be a curse from the Revolutionary War. On the other hand, no Jenny. That is a serious offense in my book. No Katrina either, for shame. While this episode brought back the action, again it was a lot of dialogue and where the heck has the humor disappeared to? Did Moloch imprison it in Purgatory?

Grade: B-

Biggest Creeper - Ichabod for peeping in the windows of the missing girl's home
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Abbie picks up the bone with her bare hands before knowing if it is part of a crime scene or not.
Best Character Interaction - Irving and Henry
Most Disgusting - Ichabod plays the bone of a child. Blech! / Henry tastes the ground up bones of a child. Double blech!
Best Technology - Noise canceling headphones. I couldn't stay at my work without them."
Best Return - Hawley
Most Missed - Katrina and Jenny
Least Missed - New sheriff
Best Twist - Beth Lancaster has to either give her daughter to the Piper or all her kids will die
Most Kick Butt - Abbie breaks the flute and says she doesn't give refunds
Best Reaction - Ichabod to the noise cancelling ear buds
Most in Need of Therapy - that little girl, who will need intensive help once her mom takes her to the Piper
Biggest Huh? - How does stabbing the Pied Piper lift the curse? That makes very little sense.
Recapitation - Irving signing the contract in blood
The "I'm Not Sure that Phrase Means What you Think It Means" Award - Ichabod calls Beth's predicament a Hobson's choice, which basically means take it or leave it. She really didn't have a leave it option. It was more a Sophie's choice.
Nicknames - Ricky Bobby, Gilly Gaupus, Pride and Prejudice, Shakespeare
Best Quotes -
Abbie: "You want a rematch?" Ichabod: "Honor demands it."
Hawley: "Pride and Prejudice, you mind not touching anything in there. Some of it goes boom."
Hawley: "So the Piper's a real monster. That's pretty messed up. Is it going to haunt me? Definitely. That's why God created a shot glass."
Hawley: "End of days? Which version? I've heard at least 200 of them, each complete with their own rare and very expensive collectibles."
Ichabod: "Lieutenant, if you would perform the log-in ceremony."
Abbie: "That wasn't driving. That was unsafe operation of a vehicle without a license."
Ichabod: "We must make haste." Abbie: "Not so fast, Ricky Bobby. I'm driving."

Scorpion - 1.04 - Shorthanded

Wow, Walter is a complete douche. I spent the entire time hoping someone would Gibbs smack him a few times. Luckily Paige stepped up to be awesome, Happy was so very kick butt, and Sylvester made me cackle. Those 3 were amazing tonight. Please oh please show, make Happy the new Parker. I need one of her back in my life. The case itself was routine and less adrenaline soaked than the previous ones. From the second Renee started quoting statistics, I knew she was guilty. I do wish that Walter had stayed in jail the whole time and depended completely on the team rescuing him. That would have worked better after his attitude for me.

Grade: B (A+ for the trio)

Best Reason to Watch - Terrific Trio: Paige, Happy, and Sylvester
Best Scene - zip line
Best Punishment - Cabe makes Walter and Toby work it out together by walking and gives the others a reprieve
Biggest Laugh - Sylvester
Biggest Buzz Kill / Least Sympathetic- Walter. I know you're trying to be professional, but that doesn't mean being a douche.
The "Not Sure This is a Good Plan" Award - Walter asks Toby to win his bail money
Most Obnoxious - Toby when he's winning
Most Kick Butt - Happy, who totally Parkers out and zip lines to another building
Least Shocking - the gambler's daughter is the culprit
Best Quotes -
1. Toby: "I'd skip the black light app in here. Ignorance is bliss."
2. Walter: "This is ridiculous. I'm completely innocent." Cop: "I know. You're the 43rd innocent person I've booked this week."

The Big Bang Theory - 8.05 - The Focus Attenuation

Nothing happened in this episode. It was literally a show about procrastination. As such it was fun, mostly because I spent over an hour reading stupid people tweets and looking at pictures before I got to work and watched this episode. Let's just say I could relate. What I liked most was how Penny was the one who was taking everything seriously while all the others goofed around. They are showing some nice character development with her. I also liked how Leonard tried to keep everyone focused instead of Sheldon, who would have been a big pain about it.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - the guys constantly getting sidetracked by the internet and movies
This Episode is Brought to You By…Procrastination. It might be my theme episode.
Most Productive - Penny, who is the only one who gets anything done
The "And Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Worse" Award - I never liked Back to the Future 2. It was always just a placeholder for me. Now it is a more confusing placeholder. Thanks.
Biggest Grammar Nerd - Sheldon
Best Quote - Penny: "If you get in trouble, find a policeman. And if he's taking off his pants, he's not a real policeman."

SHIELD - 2.04 - Face My Enemy

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - ACTION!!!
Best Character Interaction/Backstory - Coulson and May. These two are fantastic together.
Best Action - May vs. May
The "Good Luck" Award - Mac wants to work on Lola. Yeah, not happening.
Best Reaction - Everyone to May laughing
Coolest Technology - bio mask
The "Say What?" Award - If you are the most hunted organization in the world, why would you stamp your insignia on everything from high tech to file folders? Does no one know what covert means?
Best Quote: Bakshi: "Where are you based?" May: "Currently about 5 feet from kicking your a**."
May: "If you were really me, you wouldn't talk so much."

Forever - 1.05 - The Pugilist Break

Forever continues to charm me while at the same time it makes me laugh. I really love Lucas, who brings the fun, and Abe, who brings the heart. This time I also loved the idea of Henry constantly taking on the bigwigs doing wrong in the name of those with no power. For once though, the flashbacks were not one of my favorite things. I far preferred the present day, with the tale of a redeemed boxer fighting to save the only place left the neighborhood kids could play.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - tale of underdogs trying to take down the big evil one person at a time
Best Awww Moment - Henry and Abe try to explain their relationship to Jo
Least Sympathetic - Henry, whose advice to Lucas is to not get bitten by rats
The "More Blood Splatter" Award - Seriously, the number of bad guys getting run over by motor vehicles is at an all-time high this season.
Most Awkward - Henry trying to fist bump
Best Quote - Captain: "20 years on the job, that's got to be the dumbest piece of police work I have ever heard of." Lucas: "Mission accomplished, Doc. Yeah these little fellows are just starting to sober up. They were rolling pretty hard on the H train. That's what kids call it." Jo: "Are those..." Lucas: "Yeah, rats. I didn't know which one was eating at Raul so I just got the whole nest and that way they don't get lonely." Captain: "Make that the second dumbest."

The Flash - 1.02 - Fastest Man Alive

I didn't like this episode as much as the pilot until the end. It had too much talking. Barry was a jerk to Joe. Iris became Lois Lane. But oh the end. I love when kids appreciate those who helped them grow up and Barry's speech acknowledging Joe as his other dad went straight to my heart. So did the cheesy "We're All in This Together" speech Barry gave at Star Labs. In fact, it is the reason why he is better than Oliver Queen. Oliver spent the first season pushing people away and being a douche to all. Part of season 2 went the same direction. Barry starts by knowing that it is all about teamwork and his team is solid. Well, most of them. Cisco is great fun and Caitlin is brilliant. Wells is shady to the nth degree. I was surprised when he killed Stagg and I'm not exactly sure what his plans for Barry are.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Joe and Barry's relationship
Best Character - Joe
Most Fun - Cisco
Best Awww Scene - Barry tells Joe that he really was a father to him
Most Intense - Barry and Joe in Star Labs
Biggest Surprise - Wells murders Stagg
The "Woo Hoo" Award - Barry skips the intro voice over to get right into the story. Now dump the voice over altogether and we'll call it a straight up win for everyone.
Best Side Perk to being Meta-Humaned - No need for machines like a centrifuge when you can just do it yourself.
Most Harsh - Barry when talking to Joe, who took him in
Biggest Uh-Oh - Iris is turning her journalistic instincts to the Red Streak. It's Lois Lane all over again.
Biggest Huh ? - Why are the streets of Central City always practically empty?
Best Quote - Joe: "And what were you going to do when you caught them? Huh? Ask them nicely to pull over? You're not bulletproof…Wait, are you?'

Manhattan Love Story - 1.03 - Gay or British?

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - it made me laugh and the characters are growing on me
Best Character Interaction - the siblings
Best Morning Routine - Peter, whose no muss no fuss routine can't actually work but is awesome
Biggest Awww Moment - Peter doesn't rub Dana's mistake in her face / Chloe comes to David's rescue
Most Naïve -Sorry Dana but this is all you. No one sells designer handbags on the street, not even samples.
Best Quote - Dana: "This is a sample from last season." Amy: "If last season is a town in China, then yes it is."

Red Band Society - 1.05 - So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

And a love triangle ruins yet another great show. I am so sick and tired of this. We've got Nurse Jackson who deserves better than this. The kids are all unique individuals and they deserve better than this. I have watched this show faithfully and I sure as hell deserve better than this. I don't want to drop this show on the strength of Nurse Jackson alone, but you are starting to give me no choice. Fix this now, writers!

Grade: D (the only reason it is not an F is Dash and the Charlie storyline)

Best Reason to Watch - as always, Nurse Jackson
Best Reason to Drop - no it's not the ratings. It's the love triangle.
Best Scene - Nurse Jackson and Charlie talk before he goes into surgery
The "For the Love of Everything, SHUT UP!!!" Award - Emma and Leo need to go away until they aren't in this insipid and irksome love triangle. Jordi can go as well.
The "Learn Something New" Award - I had never heard of benching or impudent wallpaper before this show.
The "Big Thumbs Up" Award - to Dash, who is the only one in the entire episode that did not manage to annoy me
Best Quote - Jordi: "I have people who care about me. Unfortunately, those same people also believe that cancer can be cured by farm animals, so as far as my medical decisions go, I have to be in charge. I need to do this myself."

Blackish - 1.04 - Crazy Mom

Pops is the only reason I am still watching this show and I don't think it will be enough. Dre was far too crazy for me here and Rainbow wasn't much better. Maybe we just need some Pops and kids scenes without either parent or even just the siblings together. Let's widen up the show a bit.

Grade: C

Best/Only Reason to Watch - Pops
Strangest Plot Device - Dre and Pops at the movies watching him screw up with his wife
Funniest Scene - Dre pushing his kids out to unconvincingly make Rainbow think they are not being coerced
The "Best Reason for 3D TV" Award - the cupcake flying at the TV screen
Weirdest Freak Out - Sure potato chips don't go in the fridge, but nothing about food placement would ever make me freak out like that.
Biggest Hypocrisy - the group is fine with Dre coming in late to give out cupcakes but not that poor woman whose kid got sick
Best Quotes -
Pops: "Nothing sadder than a Freaky Thursday, son."
Pops: "The way I see it, crazy got you in. Crazy can get you out."

Stalker - 1.03 - Manhunt

This show definitely wins the award for most intense openers. Always. Again we had Stalker Jack, who really needs to go. At least we didn't get Beth's stalker in this one, so that was an improvement. I also thought that by not having it be a jilted lover, they expanded their scope and made it more interesting. Other than that, this show is still about how many times a creepy stalker can hide and jump out at people.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - the pop out stalkers, which may make you jump
Best Reason to Fear for Your Life - People sneaking around your house and hiding in your closet with a knife
The "Welcome Back" Award - Warren Kole after dying on White Collar
Best Twist - Trent is Amanda's new guy
Best Quote - Tiny: "You're a b**." Janice: "I prefer assertive."

How to Get Away with Murder - 1.04 - Let's Get to Snooping

I continue to like the combination of procedural and serial in this show, but I am tired of the repeated flashbacks so I was glad to NOT see the coin toss once again. Instead we get a more in-depth look at Connor's emotional state and for the first time he feels like a real character. Watching him break subtly after Paxton commits suicide and knowing that he had a lot to do with it allowed us to see another layer besides ruthless playboy and crazy caroler. I hope Asher gets a similar treatment soon too because he is bugging me to no end. Other than that, we did not learn much new this week except confirmation of what we already suspected. Keating's husband was screwing the co-ed and he is a prime suspect in the case, at least from Keating's perspective. Also from her lover's because Bonnie used it as leverage, assuring she knows as well.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - still the mystery
Best Surprise - this is the first episode that we didn't see the coin toss scene and I for one did not miss it
Biggest "Say What?" - Paxton, the insider trader, just opens the skyscraper window and goes right out.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Elizabeth Perkins from Big and He Said, She Said and many other comedies of my college years.
Biggest Freakout - Connor
Most Interesting Visual - Keating removing her makeup and everything as she silently breaks down and then confronts her husband
Best Quotes - Keating: "Well, you don't make history being liked."
Wes: "How do you know it's one of her employees?" Keating: "I don't. I just know everybody hates their boss."

Gracepoint - 1.03

Gracepoint makes snails look like speed cars. Halfway through the episode, it feels like it should be done. No wonder this show is toppling in the ratings. Thankfully it is only 10 episodes long so it's about a third done. I am still very curious about who killed Danny, but the pacing is lulling me to sleep. Time to pick up the pace and please let the ending be worthy of the 10 hours I am spending. We're still no longer along than we were at the beginning.

Grade: D

Best Reason to Watch - the mystery
Worst Plot Device - slow motion
Biggest Douche - Detective Carver, who needs to stop yelling at everyone
Best Quotes - Miller: "Do you have kids?" Carver: "Why?" Miller: "Their manners must suck."

Supernatural - 10.02 - Reichenbach

Note - I refuse to watch anything angels on this show anymore so if it had to do with Cas, Hannah, or the cute little moppet in fast forward, I didn't watch it. I did however watch Protective Sammy, Ice Water Demon Dean, and Snarky but Lonely Crowley. That's all I care about. Logically things didn't make much sense but hey, Sam rocked again and I ask for so little. I expect even less. If the entire show was just the brothers killing monsters, snarking, and driving, I would be okey dokey. In fact, I'd love it again. So bring on the coldest of all cold Deans. Bring on Sam doing whatever it takes to save his brother. Bring on Crowley trying to lay down the law and being completely ineffective….er, scratch that. Bring back the snarky, powerful Crowley I love and leave the sappy one on the wayside please. You can take or leave Cole. He means squat to me. Just get this brother show on the road. Oh and as always, fire Carver and bring back Kripke.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Sam, definitely Protective Sam. Runner-up would be the ice cold Dean that sent chills down my spine.
The "Are You Going for the Insanity Defense?" Award - Sam, monsters are a hard sell even to the non-revenge driven
Best Music Cue - Crowley listening to Lonely Girl while looking at buddy pictures of Dean and him on his phone
Best Nostalgia - Dean is wearing the amulet. I love that amulet. Could we bring it back please?
Song Nostalgia - The stripper is dancing to Cherry Pie by Warrant, which is the song Dean is dreaming to before Anna interrupts him in The Song Remains the Same.
Biggest Douche - I thought it was going to be Demon Dean but nope, Lester the Pervy Adulterer gets the prize.
Best Visual Gag - Crowley's cocktail with every conceivable drink stirrer in it
The Carver Award - Why did Dean let Sam cuff him? He wasn't even trying. In fact it looked like he gave him his other hand. This makes no sense to me. It must be a Carver.
The "If Looks Could Kill" Award - Dean looking at Crowley after being nabbed by Sam. Yikes, that's cold.
Best Quotes - Far too many to post. In fact I have 2 pages worth.

Cristela - 1.02 - Soul Mates

Cristela was better in the second run than the pilot. The characters are still over the top, but they felt a little less stock and a bit more likeable this episode. I really enjoyed getting to know Alberto a little better although he needs to find someone new. Cristela is never going to want what he does. I also like Daniela and Felix's relationship. Sadly Felix and Cristela are still obnoxious. They are also force feeding the Cristela and Josh future romance but I did love their 20 year plan and how much they have in common. I hope they become great friends because they are more interesting together than apart for now.


Best Reason to Watch - while not toned down, everyone is a little bit more likeable this week
Best Character - Alberto, who is underappreciated, and Josh, who is overworked
Best Scene - trading 20 year plans
The "I Just Don't Get It" Award - I'm sorry. I don't get the love for online pet pictures or animals in clothes.
Best Quotes -
Waiter: "This isn't Cheers. I don't want to know your name."
Felix: "English is my second language but even I know that sucked."

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